Main Clients

Throughout our long history, we have worked for numerous institutions and companies both from the public and private sector, offering services and performing complex works.

Clients from the Public Sector Private Companies

Dirección Nacional de Vialidad (National Road Service)

Direcciones de Vialidad Provinciales (Provincial Road Services)

Several Municipalities

Dirección Nacional de Vialidad de la Republica de Chile (Nacional Road Services in Chile)

Ministerio de Obras públicas de la República Oriental Uruguay (Public Works Ministry of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay)

Amoco Argentina S.A.I.C.

Astra S.A

Bridas S.A.

Pérez Companc S.A.C.F.I.M.F.A.

Pluspetrol S.A.

Siderca S.A.I.C.

Pan American Energy LLC

Tecpetrol S.A. Sucursal Argentina

Total Austral.