Our History

Along its 100 years of history, Burgwardt has consolidated a prestige place in the different areas where its activities are developed. Back in 1909, Mr. Emilio Burgwardt undertook a project related to the purchase and further urbanization of land in the city of Buenos Aires and its outskirts (La Paternal, Parque Centenario, Caballito and Flores). It was in those pieces of land where Emilio planned and opened the first streets, gutters and stone paths, thus creating new neighborhoods as the city expanded.

In 1927, his sons, Walter and Roberto, joined the project and opened the first roads with the use of a grader and four oxen. Later, the company developed into a modern one consolidating its experience in road activities, urbanizing cities and constructing roads throughout the nation.

Our growth has always been based on our loyalty to the enterprising spirit of our founders, the constant introduction of new technologies, the solid training of our professionals, the expansion of the services we offer and our steady commitment to quality.

Enthusiastically looking forward to undertaking new challenges, we began our activities in the oil sector back in 1953 when we performed the first earthmovings for YPF in Cerro Redondo, province of Santa Cruz.

In the sixties, it was the third generation who joined the company. At that time, the first international oil companies began to arrive in the country. We worked alongside contributing to the development of the private industry, thus achieving high levels of specialization in surface services and expanding our bases to Comodoro Rivadavia, Caleta Olivia, Las Heras, Neuquén and Cerro Dragón.

Nowadays, those of us who form part of the third and fourth generation of Burgwardt proudly assume the legacy of our predecessors, facing the challenge of projecting our company onto the future.